Industrial Control System
High-Voltage Inverter
Urban Rail Traffic Automation
 Distributed Control System DCS
Triple-Redundant Nuclear Power Control System: T3000
A Control System Applied to Process Automation: E1000
TiSNet-Remote I/O- Xinhua remote I/O
Xinhua solution to Management and Control Integration ---MCTS
Xinhua Distributed Real-time database ---XH-fS
Visualized Graphic Configuration Software of TiSNet System --- OnXDC
 Programmable Logic Controller
 Other products
XWPC-1 motorized pitch control system
Distributed wireless monitoring device ---XRIO-WI/XRIO-WI
AC motor monitoring & protection device---XMC
Environmental parameter monitoring system—XESS-100
 Rail traffic signal processing system CBTC
 Rail Traffic integrated supervisory and control system XISCS-100
Comprehensive automation system of substation SAS
Electric Power Monitoring system PSCADA
Environment and equipment monitoring system BAS
 High-voltage inverter
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